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BREAKING: Chinese Ambassador to Isreal found dead in Isreal office!

The Chinese Ambassador, Du Wei, was found dead inside his residence, north of Tel Aviv. A spokesperson for Isreal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the news to a CNN news associate. Police are currently at the scene, but have not issued an official statement. Currently many conspiracy theories are forming due to the Ambassador…

Steps To Reopen After Coronavirus

We have been in lock down for almost 2 months now, some states lifted their lock down on may 1st, others are just easing guidelines. However, other states are remained lock down, while at the same time not giving us an end date, or an idea of the steps to reopen. Everything is quite vague,…

Main Stream Waste of Time

Main stream media looks to be enjoying the Coronavirus, its all they talk about. Sure that’s okay that’s a big thing that is happening right now, but instead of talking about how to help or how to make people feel better about it what are they doing? They are using their time to bash and…


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