The Coronavirus

Lately there has been a large scare, of course everyone has heard of it, the new coronavirus.

What alot of people dont know is what it is how it acts and how long it is going to be around for.

Why? Well the answer is simple, no one really does. This is a new disease that until recently was not found in humans. Much like the SARS virus this virus is in the Coronavirus category named after the latin term for crown because when you put it under the microscope it looks like it has little crowns. This new version of the virus is currently known as COVID19, it originated in China and has spread through several countries across the world. It seems like the virus has mainly claimed the lives of elderly people 65+ and we still currently do not have a vaccine or really know any much more about the virus

How do you keep yourself safe? Practice regular hand washing, dont let people cough on you, and like any regular day try and stay away from people who are sick.

Do you need to buy thousands of rolls of toilet paper? No, no you do not, leave some for everyone you are not the only person that needs to use the restroom if you practice regular toiletry shopping you should be A-okay.

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