End of the Economy as we know it

With the recent shutdown over the Coronavirus in many states and just people sheltering at home in general we have to ask our selves, is it the right choice?

On one hand we have all heard “flatten the curve” seems to be a new talking point for everyone. On the other hand we have to think logically, what happens if we just stay home? The virus is still a threat, we still don’t know much about it.

We cannot lock the doors on something like this, it isn’t an intruder trying to get into your home, it is not “Shelter and it will go away”; the virus is not the boogie man it is a virus. At some point we have to make a decision to either say “This is our life for the next year” or “Let’s take the risk but proceed with caution”.

I do not think a nation wide lock down was needed nor will it help the situation, constantly working on vaccines and letting the people with a very low chance of mortality go about their daily lives to me is the best option. I am no medical professional but I do know how to read statistic and I know theory. Currently their are more cases then we know due to the guidelines of testing, even with said testing the number of cases have jumped significantly while the mortality rate has not.

We cannot just shut down society and hope for the best the virus will pop up again, what are we going to do shut down the U.S. every couple of months because of it? No, it is simply asinine to think that way, and the way the current quarantine is going it seems pointless regardless.

Most people in my belief should go about their daily lives and practice regular safety processes. If you are sick stay at home, if someone appears sick don’t be near them, wash your hands and we should all be fine.

We act like this is the first major illness to sweep the nation and the only reason is due to politics wether you like it or not that’s why everything is crazy.

The country, the president, and the media all need to cut the bullshit and figure out a long term solution now or it will be the end of modern society and the economy as we know it.

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