Modern Media is the Enemy of the people.

Not trying to quote Donald Trump, but during the last several years we have been on the rise of modernized media, which in itself has created biased media outlets. Of course the media has always been biased, the difference is they were, until recently, pretty good at covering it up.

Now we have more of what I call “hit pieces” either attacking a specific person or company and using rhetoric to make the reader have a specific opinion on said person or company.

What do you think the change is? I think it may have something to do with how we get our news, and how ratings on our alternative news outlets work. For instance a lot of people get their news on twitter now, networks such as CNN actually will have content that isn’t biased, if you read it, but the heading for the article will be something biased or made to make it sound like something else besides the actual event was going on.

They bank on people reading the headline commenting and than moving on while believing something that is the complete opposite of what the article actually contains. Everybody does it, Dems, Repubs, Libertarians, and Independents.

It is not just CNN that does it either, that is just an example, all news outlets on social media seem to have adapted this practice of basically knowing people are too stupid to actually read the content. They use it to push bias without actually lying about anything.

This does not make it right though, the news should be there to give people the facts of what is actually happening in the world not what their low budget journalist thinks or wants you to think.

So before you go on thinking whatever you read from a news site is 100% the news I challenge you to read the full article, try and take out their opinions, just retain the facts and get your own opinion from it. This will make Americans smarter and help our parties be less divided in the long run.

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