COVID19 Accurate Testing? Accurate Cause of Death?

As the cases for COVID19 rise, and so do the deaths in the U.S., it makes you wonder how accurate all of the numbers could possibly be?

Well, as for the test, multiple sources say that the Coronavirus tests that are being administered in the U.S. have a 95% sensitivity rate. Other countries before had tests with a 30% sensitivity rate.

The seasonal Flu tests have a 50-90% sensitivity rate, which in comparison is quite low, but how is it possible that a new virus that we have just started learning about has a more accurate test result than Flu tests we already currently know of? Just a little off, but it could be due to the type of virus, making it easier to detect.

Now with the way we are counting COVID19 deaths, it is a little strange, but not completely uncommon for you to die from something else and have been infected with a virus, such as the coronavirus.

However if you look at U.S. C.D.C. statistic on annual deaths of the diseases people are dying from that test positive for the corona, virus things start seeming a little off.

So some simple facts first, per research from the CDC website, (these numbers are not exact):

  • Pneumonia kills 50k Americans every year
  • Heart Diseases kills roughly 200k Americans every year
  • Lung Diseases kills roughly 150k Americans every year

If any “complications of coronavirus” deaths are from any of those three things (which most of them are) are we counting them as deaths from COVID19?

It would seem we are, at least in the case of pneumonia deaths, if you look at the graph below you will see the number of deaths from pneumonia each year in the U.S., by each week. Observe that by the time we had COVID19 testing the cases of pneumonia deaths have had a very steep decline that is highly different from that of previous years.

Graph from CDC of Pneumonia Deaths in the U.S

Judging by the graph, the rate of people that have been dying from pneumonia has decreased by a remarkable number. Although on the news, where they are naming coronavirus deaths, they say “Died from pneumonia due to complications of the coronavirus”. Making the death rate seem skewed, or at least something we should look into more.

Not saying there is no virus; there is a virus. However, the numbers are seeming less and less accurate by each day, and it seems we may have shut down our nation for something more simple than we think.

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