What is Real when Everything is Fake News.

It seems like during this whole entire crisis there is one thing we can count on, the media tripping over themselves with literally everything they say. One week it is that all the numbers are true the next is that they are adding 3,700 deaths without testing.

Trumps touting a drug that has never been through a clinical trail turns into, “Trails by drug touted by trump causes more deaths” Even though it is the same amount of evidence as before. Trump tries to reopen the economy, but it is up to the governors of each state, turns into “Governor is reopening despite Trumps warning to keep up social distancing”

There are reports by some news agencies saying people die from COVID19 and in the same report it says that person was never tested, or that person was tested, it turned negative, but the family swears it was COVID and the test was incorrect.

We are told there isn’t enough testing and then when someone gets tested if it becomes negative they say the tests are wrong? What is the point of having mass testing if we are not going to agree with the result, why do it at all?

The media goes against what Trump says during his briefings, but in the same day use what he says as guidelines for what we should be doing. It’s obvious why people are scared in their homes, the people that they are trusting don’t even know what to think, they constantly back track.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of citizens that rely on news organizations to tell them what to do and to keep them updated on the truth. Well, with the media reporting things that are not true and backtracking every statement, what are those people supposed to think? We have people that are going to be forever scared to be near other people, that may be almost worse than the coronvirus in the long run.

Americans should be able to help each other out, if everyone is scared of each other no one will help one another, we will end up with a selfish society that will eventually collapse from its own egotistical self. All because people want to make this political.

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