Is Kim Jung Un, Dead?

Social Media has started trending #KIMJUNGUNDEAD but is it true? This whole week we have been hearing that he is ill due to surgery, but it has only been on social media. The Korean government has issued zero statements on it and they tend to take deaths of leaders quite seriously.

So how did this all start? Well it seems the rumors of his ill health started on April 15th when he did not attend one of North Korea’s most important holidays celebrating Kim’s grandfather, Kim II Sung. Usually the State run Media publishes photos of recent weapons test showing the leaders approval of the celebration.

Yes, that is it, he didn’t attend or publish anything for this one situation and social media has been going crazy with rumors, so have many new outlets. The fact is, Kim has disappeared before for several weeks and has popped back up like nothing ever happened.

So is it true he went through surgery? Maybe but there are no facts to support it. Did he die, probably not there is no factual basis saying that he did, no intelligence agency to say he did; it would have been big news, not a twitter hashtag.

Just because you see something trending and media outlets are talking about it doesn’t mean it is true, don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Also the picture surfacing through twitter of him being carried in a coffin is photo-shopped.

Update: 10 a.m: Some news outlets are now reporting that he is in a vegetative state, they are getting that information from the Japanese government. China has sent medical experts to North Korea to check on Kim

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