Main Stream Waste of Time

Main stream media looks to be enjoying the Coronavirus, its all they talk about. Sure that’s okay that’s a big thing that is happening right now, but instead of talking about how to help or how to make people feel better about it what are they doing? They are using their time to bash and constantly fact check Trumps words out of context.

There was a CBS article that came out today about not bathing in bleach, you know who started that? None other than CNN’s anchor, Chris Cuomo, or his wife, said he bathed in bleach. This is ridiculous, if you want people not to do it, stop talking about it. The only way people are getting these ideas are from NBC, CBS and CNN, they are the only ones talking about it.

You can like him and you can hate him but Trump is briefing the country every day during a crisis, there is a lot of information in each of the briefings and the media seem to be nitpicking through it and grabbing something he said, amplifying it and making it seem worse or just creating their own drama surrounding it. What is the point of that, you don’t want people to inject disinfected, then stop talking about it.

It seems like that’s all we hear about, what Trump could have said differently and how he is wrong, well how about you give us some advice besides stay at home, don’t you think the normal population wants to hear something besides a fact check?

It’s some scheme to manipulate you to hate Trump, fact is if you hate him you probably wont change your mind about it and the people that don’t really like him, but like the job he is doing, are not going to listen to media bashing him. They are going to look at what is going on and hear your nitpicking as just some propaganda to overtake him in the upcoming elections. It is like biased media isn’t even trying to hide anymore, they are getting desperate.

So stop, it’s a waste of time, report on something actually helpful or don’t report at all.

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