Steps To Reopen After Coronavirus

We have been in lock down for almost 2 months now, some states lifted their lock down on may 1st, others are just easing guidelines. However, other states are remained lock down, while at the same time not giving us an end date, or an idea of the steps to reopen.

Everything is quite vague, so we thought we could help out some governors with a couple ideas of what we should do to slowly reopen, it isn’t much but at least it is more than what we have been getting:

  • Slowly start letting non at risk people return to work
  • Keep up social distancing, but have businesses keep 10 people per every 2000 sqft
  • Mandate hand washing after cash transactions for any cashier or others working with tender
  • Families that have been quarantined together, should be able to stay in closer groups together
  • Open beaches but practice social distancing in groups larger then 10.
  • Masks should not be mandated but suggested
  • When opening bars keep the 10 per 2000 sqft, bar stools every 3rd stool
  • Hotels renting out to every other room
  • Fishing group of no more than 10 (shore fishing), 4 on a boat
  • Shopping times based on age groups and at risk personnel.

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