Democrats Coronavirus Hysteria

With the ongoing coronavirus in the United States you would think it would be a good time for Americans to get along. Well think again, it seems like democrats are actually happy that the virus is destroying the economy.

Yep you guessed why, because they think it hurts Donald Trump. You will see people on the left making memes and graphs showing that “The U.S. is number one in coronavirus cases, Trump was right about America first.” Why is it something democrats are cherishing it is honestly quite disgusting.

Sure in U.S. we have more cases but what could that mean, is it possible maybe we are testing the most amount of people and releasing the correct numbers? Mainstream Media doesn’t want to say anything about that because they still bank on their readers thinking there are not enough test.

Although we do have the most cases we have far fewer deaths than that of countries with lower cases that also got hit hard, why isn’t that being reported on? Again it is because the media wants you to be against trump and focus on preliminary reports of the virus weeks earlier.

Do your research and don’t trust the media, but we should be using this time to be working together not against one another.

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