Democratic Nominee 2020 Prediction

Due to the current Coronavirus it seems that most people are not worried about the 2020 election. Well it is still happening and the Democrats have yet to decide who will be their Presidential Nominee.

Lots of news outlets I have noticed are rooting for Joe Biden, but it seems like younger people (Democrats key demographic to win) would rather vote Bernie.

Lots of people think Bidens policies are the same as Trumps, although untrue, will make it so a good amount of Bernie supporters would either not vote or might vote Trump in the 2020 Election. So much for #votebluenomatterwho .

I believe the nomination will end up going to Biden, the DNC does not want to go towards socialist policies. The only reason they have been slightly advocating for them is to test the water so to speak. In reality the DNC (and much of America) know socialized policies such as Health care for all is unpractical and costly.

To be honest they are both loosing their marbles and the democrats should have had better people to offer. In my belief Andrew Yang had the least far-left policies, he was the most moderate, although he was not a great debater. He would not have had what it takes to go against the current president in the campaign trail, still he was a better option for the Democrats.

Biden also does not have what it takes to go against Trump, besides his speech impediment he talks like a blithering fool. He challenges his own supporters and talks smack to them, changes what his ideas are every speech, and cant seem to keep one single thought process flowing to become a literate sentence or idea.

We will see what happens, who the DNC ends up choosing, my bets on Biden. If he wins the nomination this campaign trail will be a very fun and exciting one, perhaps even more entertaining than the 2016 election.

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